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Directory of Irish Nonprofits


The only listing of registered nonprofits in Ireland, updated quarterly.

The Directory of Irish Nonprofits was created to promote the transparency and digital accessibility of Ireland’s nonprofit sector. It was built using public data for more than 20,000 nonprofit organisations from 6 regulatory sources, and launched on 26th May 2023. This year the Directory will be updated in September and December – from 2024 we hope to update it quarterly.

Use the Directory to check the regulatory or charitable tax status of individual nonprofits or to understand the profile of the sector by location, subsector or institutional type. Download the data to analyse it further. Read our report for a review of changes in the profile of the sector during 2022.

The Directory of Irish Nonprofits is a joint initiative of a group of Irish nonprofit organisations, with funding from four Irish philanthropies.

About the Directory

Ireland has more than 20,000 nationally-registered nonprofit organisations: incorporated or unincorporated associations, charter bodies, colleges, clubs, nonprofit companies, friendly societies, political parties, schools, societies, trusts and unions.

The Directory of Irish Nonprofits was built in the first quarter of 2023 using 2022 data harvested under open data regulations from the Charities Regulatory Authority, the Companies Registration Office, the Department of Education, the Higher Education Authority, Revenue and the Oireachtas. Read more about the data.

Carmichael and Enclude are working with Benefacts Legacy Company during 2023 to explore the feasibility of taking over responsibility for maintaining the Directory in the future.

Funding to establish the Directory of Irish Nonprofits in 2023 has been provided by the Community Foundation for Ireland, the Ireland Funds, the OKC Philanthropy Fund and St. Stephen’s Green Trust.