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Benefacts Legacy DAC

Once it became clear that the company would be obliged to cease trading, the members of Benefacts considered how best to protect the reputation and disseminate the assets of the company in line with its founding purposes.

As a condition of its final funding agreement with the Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform, Benefacts has lodged its database with the Irish Social Sciences Data Archive in the Library of University College Dublin.

Besides the database, Benefacts was mindful of the other intangible assets of the project in which so much public and philanthropic investment had been made. Benefacts Legacy Designated Activity Company (DAC) was created to hold these intellectual assets, to disseminate an account of the project and share its legacy reports and data assets more widely.


The legal objects for which Benefacts Legacy DAC is established are:

  • To take and retain ownership of the residual assets of Benefacts (being the enterprise funded by public and philanthropic funds and established as company number 553387 which ceased trading after seven years on 15 March 2022) (“the Benefacts Project”);
  • To preserve the legacy and reputation of the Benefacts Project including in the form of a public website describing the activities and achievements of the Benefacts Project;
  • To publish on a not-for-profit basis, through the public website to the extent possible, the datasets for each year from 2015 – 2021, public reports and such other products as are capable of being published; and
  • To engage on a not-for-profit basis with any charity, public body or social enterprise which in the opinion of the Directors could utilise the company’s intellectual assets in ways that will serve the non-profit sector and that sector’s stakeholders.

The Directors are Denise Charlton, Kate McCarthy, Patricia Quinn (Company Secretary), Brian Sheehan (Chair), Anne Vaughan, Mark Wilkes.

View Benefacts Legacy DAC’s constitution.

Benefacts Legacy DAC has no staff and no purpose to trade actively, other than to be the publisher of this website.

The work to build this website and incorporate Benefacts Legacy DAC was provided pro bono. Funding to cover the basic overheads of the company and its website is being provided by the Community Foundation for Ireland and the St Stephen’s Green Trust.

Email: info@benefactslegacy.ie